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    I suppose I should be flattered. My writing is so “award winning, witty and talented” (said me, to myself) that it’s been copied, pasted and palmed off as belonging to someone else. What fun!

    A while ago, loyal reader, you may remember I bent over backwards for your entertainment, attempting to do some acro-yoga.

    My teacher, graceful and strong as she was, taught me how to fly. I wrote about it here and also in Yoga Magazine, because I am an amazing feature writer for magazines as well as an amazing blogger, and modest to boot.

    My silly little happy face, as featured in Yoga Magazine

    My silly little happy face, as featured in Yoga Magazine

    Anna, my teacher, continues to teach in and around London. She pops up all over the UK at festivals and events, teaching other enthusiastic bendy types like me how to channel that bendability into some wild shapes that you didn’t even know were possible. Before I met Anna, the bendiest thing I could do was double joint my elbow while my unwilling audience were a bit sick in their mouths. Now I can do reverse namaskars and dhanurasana. Namaste that, yoga bunnies.

    Anna has not, as far as she is aware of her own geographical movements, gone to India to teach the “Editor in Chief” of All About Bharat, Asmita Pratap, how to bend it like Beckham.

    However, in August 2014, The editor-in-chief of All About Bharat reported that: “Despite longing for the aura of calm and the sculptured, toned arms yoga experts have in spades, l’ve never become an accomplished yogi.”

    Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 15.29.41

    A screen grab from my thief’s website. A conflict of copyright I’ll leave to the lawyers.

    In the March 2014 edition of Yoga Magazine, the Editor-In-Chief of Lunacy of Ink reported that: “Despite longing for the aura of calm and the sculptured, toned arms yoga experts have in spades, l’ve never become an accomplished yogi.”

    A screen shot from my feature...

    Whoa! That similarity is uncanny isn’t it? I must meet this Asmita Pratap – our minds work in such identical ways that we were surely separated at birth! Either that or she has lifted my piece, not quite verbatim as it’s a little shorter than mine, but so close to the original material that she could hardly be rewarded for trying to spruce up her theft.

    Naughty, isn’t it? Isn’t yoga practised by the sort of people whose bodies are supposed to be temples, their limbs svelte from all the Downward Dogs. Since when did plagiarism become a yoga move?

    Plagiarism is the “wrongful appropriation” and “stealing and publication” of another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions” and the representation of them as one’s own original work. (I should point out that I copied and pasted that definition from Google. Don’t want you thinking I plagiarised the definition of plagiarism.)

    The ‘Editor in Chief’ should really know better. This isn’t a junior reporter. This is a top dog. Charmingly, the website responsible for publishing my work under someone else’s name has a footer that reads: © 2014 All About Bharat – I’m pretty sure it’s © 2014 Someone Else

    I have written to the email address on the website, as has Anna, my acro-yoga teacher, who found the mysterious work of pilfering in the first place and alerted me to it. I’ve informed them that I’m on to them and that they can either remove my feature, or pay me £250 for it, which, should they cough up, Anna and I will spend on new yoga leggings. Yeggings?

    In print media, there are rules and everyone abides by them and everyone gets paid, credits go where credits are due, and we all bumble along just fine.

    The internet is full of worm holes and dark corners. Find something you like, palm it off as your own and who’d ever know? India is thousands of miles away – they probably thought we’d never stumble across their website. But if the internet has one thing going for it, it’s that it has a canny knack of crossing oceans.

    Actually, the internet has two things going for it. Because it has pictures of cats sitting in cardboard boxes marked “Only dickheads sit in this box.”

    Cat in a box

    The greatest thing about the internet? This picture.  © Alan Wong (and yes I do have his permission)

    I’m flattered that my piece was so “award winning, witty and talented” that it has been plagiarised. I feel like I’ve really made it as a writer now. I had better let some lazy students know my words are now available for the taking, should they wish to hand in some essays on my usual fodder of disaster baking, disaster gardening or avoiding children.


3 Responses to Plagiarism. Now a yoga move.

  • Sue Willis wrote on October 20, 2014 at 8:43 //

    Brilliant, hope you get an apology at least!  Quite flattering really.  X

  • Tammi wrote on October 20, 2014 at 4:48 //

    It is a form of flattery but must still be incredibly annoying, especially if you can’t really have it out with the plagurist themselves, because they refuse to answer your emails. Why not just cite your source if you want to lift some text from someone else? Shows you’ve done some research for starters. I notice the page is no longer available so they have at least removed it but that’s almost worse, they’ve recognised what they’ve done but not apologised. Cowards. Lazy thieving cowards. But not all writers can be as talented as you Kim so maybe you should just feel sorry for her/him.
    I was only just reading about Sam Harris’s latest plagiarism headache. His latest comments in the link here, which seem a little defensive if you don’t know the full story, but as ever with Sam he simply wants to present facts. You can read more about it on his blog or if you follow him on FB. CJ what’s-his-face sounds like an utter dick.

  • liza kirwan wrote on October 24, 2014 at 6:55 //

    Blimey, I guess you have indeed arrived! international felicitations, to you! And as i always say, “credits go where credits are due,’ oh no, hold on You said that. Oops.



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