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    Better than it looked using my human eyeballs.

    Instagram, Facebook, bloody blogs like this – we’re a nation of editors now, aren’t we? The filters, the dreamy yet meticulously edited versions of our lives that we put online. I’m not suggesting I don’t do this myself, of course I do. This blog is a carefully filtered selection of my weekly exploits. I don’t share the crap, I don’t share the challenges, tears and tantrums. Just the funny stuff – and the pretty pictures.

    Recently I’ve been harping on a lot about sugar. The evil foodstuff that it is. My friend and I quit sugar together and she’s currently single and dating. We were in agreement on one thing – quit sugar, yes, but don’t mention it on a first date. Or a second. Don’t let on that you’re Sugar Police. Just pretend to be light and breezy. Do what I did and wait till you’re married before you unleash the mental within. It’d be convoluted and expensive for my date to walk away now, we’re married, so I can be as fussy and insecure about food as I like – he’s stuck. But for my friend, she must at first act like food is but a mere chore she may or may not chomp, if she even remembers to eat, between all the being laid back and low maintenance.

    I’ve quit sugar, yes. But sometimes, I really just want to grab a spoon and eat Nutella straight from the jar. Because Nutella is bloody good.

    No matter how saintly I become, I’ll always be the kind of girl who spoons Nutella into her gob when no one is looking. Because if no one is looking, it doesn’t actually count as calories. Didn’t you know that? It’s a pretty important diet trick – eat like no one is watching, you won’t gain a pound.

    The good news for me is that now sugar is the enemy, lots of companies are coming up with ways to satisfy my urges without giving me the surge of blood sugars that accompanies a sugar fix.

    Here we have Jim Jams. Just like Nutella, but not made with sugar.

    2014-05-05 10.50.57

    I don’t know the science behind maltitol, the sweetener used here in favour of sugar, but I know it’s over 40g less calories per 100g than Nutella, because I can read labels.

    And it tastes the same. Nay, it tastes better, because it doesn’t come with the associated guilt Nutella comes with. A quick search of Encyclopaedia D’Google shows that maltitol is a sugar alcohol which does not have quite the same effect on blood glucose as sugar does. So not as ideal as abstaining altogether, but better than regular sugar.

    2014-05-05 10.56.18

    The first cut is the deepest.

    In order not to feel like a totally disgusting human being, sitting by the cupboard spooning globules of chocolate into my mouth, I made these pretty little bits of strawberry toast. The bread, which I made myself on a more virtuous day, is made of flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. So, with all those seeds knocking about, lathering it up with strawberries and chocolate is nothing but a mere balancing act, right?

    2014-05-05 11.09.19

    Sheep want some.

    strawberry bread

    Plus, I got the lovely platter board from Frome Flea Market this weekend and I wanted to show it off. It’s got chickens on it, because chickens are the new owls. I finally figured out how to use a new camera app on my phone that makes my pictures even better than Instagram makes them. I’m talking tilting lens blurs and all sorts. I’ve been out in the garden making my shrubbery look pretty all afternoon. Prettier than real life, because that’s how us bloggers roll.




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  • Rosie wrote on May 9, 2014 at 10:57 //

    You should make your own nutella then if you can’t eat the shop bought stuff :) I’ve seen loads of virtuous-ish recipes for it online recently… Also, love the blue platter – Frome market!? My folks are from round there, but haven’t been to Frome in years, although I’ve heard it’s all trendy now!

    Rosie xx


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